About Me

About me:

With the many years of teaching experience that I have, I know that there is nothing more wonderful than seeing somebody fall in love with playing piano, and learning how to de-code the language of music. Often seen as a 'dark art', it's often the hurdle that puts too many people off because it's seen as something that's impossible to understand. I enjoy the natural combination of musical theory & note-reading along with the physical aspects of playing the piano; the two really do go hand-in-hand. 

My teaching experience:

I have been teaching music for 25+ years and playing for over 40, so I know the piano extremely well, and understand that a person's musical journey is a marathon not a sprint. There's no quick route to learning piano, and the skills we learn along the way stand us in good stead for life generally (see 'Benefits of Piano Playing'). 

Approach to music tuition:

I have always prided myself on the relaxed, fun, and structured approach to learning. I certainly don't take myself too seriously, and all my students enjoy their lessons immensely.  

I enjoy teaching students from the ages of 10/11yrs+ right through to adults, and thoroughly enjoy getting them started on their musical journeys.  

All students will be taught in a student-centric way, namely that I place the student's needs at the forefront of my tuition, and I look forward to meeting you soon.