Benefits of Learning Piano

With so many hobbies and activities that we can take up, playing a musical instrument has to be up there with the amount of additional benefits it brings us. 
Here are 7 Benefits of Learning Piano, which apply to both children and adults alike:

1. Greater accountability 
 Unlike a class setting, the private lesson provides no way to escape accountability. While you can discreetly “hide” in the classroom, no such chance exists in a private lesson—either you practiced or you didn’t and it’s quickly apparent which it was! Private lessons teach personal discipline and build a strong work ethic, character traits absolutely necessary for success in life.

2. One-on-one accountability  
The class setting offers little to no individual attention. As such, children who struggle with a concept can easily, though unintentionally, be overlooked. In contrast, a private teacher is able to note areas of struggle and give individual-specific assistance.

3. Pursue individual interests  
In music class, the teacher must teach from a specific curriculum. Repertoire cannot possibly be selected based on everyone’s personal preference, so the music may or may not be a style everyone enjoys. With private lessons, a child has a greater opportunity to pursue his or her own musical tastes. A child who enjoys his/her music will naturally be more motivated!

4. Instructions based on learning styles  
Every child learns a different way. Some are aural, some are visual, some are hands-on, etc. A class setting cannot offer such individually tailored instruction to everyone…but the private lesson setting can. Private lessons help children achieve the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time.

5. Provides a sense of identity  
Private lessons give children a sense of identity. It is a special time just for them where they can meet with their teacher and work together to improve their own skills and build confidence. A class setting cannot offer this to the same degree.

6. Not hampered by group ability  
If a child is naturally gifted, nothing can be more frustrating than having to wait for everyone else in the class to catch up. Private lessons, on the other hand, move at the pace of the child and can progress as slowly or quickly as need be.

7. Opportunities to perfect individual skills 
With the one-on-one attention a child received in the private lesson, he or she is able to focus on developing individual skills. Where in a classroom setting would this same kind of pinpoint attention be available to a single child?