Piano Lessons for Kids 11-18

Teenage piano student.jpeg

Piano Lessons for Kids 11-18

Online lessons became the staple educational environment during the pandemic. Most endured it; many hated it. But for piano lessons, many loved the convenience and immediacy of it. And for parents, bringing their children's music lessons to their laptop screens saved them one less trek out in the car. And let's be honest, children's diaries are full! 

Enjoy seeing your children progress on the piano from the comfort of your own home.

They'll get to:
- Learn to play from the foundation up
- Recognise within a few lessons basic rhythms and notation
- Sightread
- Explore composition & understand how to write down simple melodies
- Set achievable goals
- Sit ABRSM examinations in both practical piano playing and music theory (optional; this is not compulsory)
- Incorporate contemporary music into their learning, which can include pop, film & TV, musical theatre
- Receive performance support for GCSE music exams