Why Learn Online?

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Why learn online?

It's a great question, and you're probably wondering whether taking piano lessons online are as effective as face to face. Of course they are! 

Our amazing students have been progressing beautifully in their virtual lessons, and they all say how much they enjoy them.

Lives are very full and we all find ourselves doing lots of things, many of which require turning up to various meetings, clubs and activities. But with online music lessons, the only 'turning up' we need to think about is sitting at our instrument. No travelling, no traffic jams, no expensive petrol to use up getting to class. It's incredibly convenient! 
Using our own instruments
Playing on someone else's piano can be tricky; we get used to our own instrument, how it feels, how it sounds. And to play someone else's instrument in lessons can be hard, and can sometimes put us off. With experience, we learn how to adapt to playing different pianos, but as a beginner, it's nice to stick to what we know; learning online means we can do that & learn at our OWN pianos.
More continuity 
We all get the sniffles and bugs from time to time, and playing piano on an instrument shared by many people can mean those germs can spread quickly; Covid-19 put pay to me working face to face for those very reasons. But learning online doesn't mean we need to cancel class for minor illness, or even when poor weather makes driving to lessons tricky; we can keep going remotely and remain consistent with our learning.