Piano Lessons for Adults

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Piano Lessons for Adults
We often wonder as we get older whether we're 'past it'. So many times I've heard the phrase 'well I'm just far too old to be able to learn piano' yet it's really not true! In fact, the vast majority of my students are those who are either returning to piano from many years away or taking it up for the first time after years sometimes decades of hesitancy.

Age simply is a number. It has no bearing on whether you can pick up a new skill and I love introducing piano to ANY age!

Whether you find yourself working from home and have some free time during a lunch break, or you're semi or fully retired and have more time on your hands, there's never been a better time to learn something new.

As an adult learner, you will:
- Learn to play on YOUR terms, not because parents want you to 
 - Recognise within a few lessons basic rhythms and notation

- Learn in a structured way from the foundation  
 - Reduce stress; playing piano is a superb distraction from everyday life & helps to relax you 
 - Playing piano can decrease your risk of developing diseases like multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and diabetes. By increasing your happiness and lowering stress, you improve your blood flow, which helps prevent vascular diseases 
 - Improve your confidence with an increased sense of achievement 
 - Gain some joint movement; piano playing is low impact and gets us moving in a gentle way 
 - See improvements in your emotional and hormonal health 
 - Have fun!