Studio Policy

Getting ready for your lesson 
Please make sure you have all your books ready, sufficient lighting, a notebook and pencil (pen marks can't be rubbed out once the exercise/piece has been learnt so a pencil is preferable) before you log onto your session.

 Parental/guardian guidance 
I do ask that for younger students a parent or guardian remains close by to assist with any technical issues that may arise during the lesson. I prefer the lesson to be just student & teacher, but should the parent feel the child would concentrate better with their presence, this is absolutely fine.

 Schedule & Term Dates 
Lessons on Bank Holidays are taught as usual unless I am away. Please advise the studio if you know you/your child will NOT be attending their usual lesson on a Bank Holiday so that the lesson can be rescheduled. Inset days are also included in our schedules. If you know you will be away, please let me know in advance, otherwise the full lesson fee will apply.
 Tuition Fees 
The cost of tuition for 2022 is:
£20.00 per 30mins / £30.00 per 45 minutes / £40.00 per hour*
Any offer, voucher, or reduced lesson price is applicable solely under the terms of said offer.
 Payments are made a month in advance upon the receipt of an invoice, which is emailed to you on the 21st each month. This ensures that you and/or your child's lesson slot is continually allocated and reserved. Payments are paid in full on the 28th of each month by standing order upon receipt of our invoice.  
 * Fees increase in April and are confirmed to all students a month in advance.

Cancellations, Sickness & Catch-Ups 
 Lessons that are cancelled with less than 24hrs notice are non-refundable and non-transferable as this does not leave adequate time to re-allocate the time. 
In the event that I need to cancel, an alternative lesson time will always be granted, subject to suitable availability. If an alternative time cannot be provided, I will refund the lesson accordingly, but the priority will always be to replace the lesson in the first instance where possible.


Due to the nature of lessons being provided online, the vast majority of colds & sniffles can be accommodated unless the student truly feels too rough. 

Please advise the studio as soon as you can if you need to cancel for sickness and subject to availability, I will endeavour to reschedule the lesson for you.


Should a lesson need to be missed or postponed, these can be rescheduled as a ‘Catch-Up’ at a mutually convenient time, subject to the studio’s availability. I will ensure the studio schedule has time slots allocated for catch-up reschedules and each student is responsible for booking their own catch-ups via the student portal. Each student is allocated two ‘catch-up credits’ that can be used throughout the year. These must be redeemed within 30 days of the missed lesson, and if not redeemed within this time, will be forfeited. Once they have been redeemed, any further lessons that are missed for holidays, appointments, etc, result in the lesson being forfeited with no refund.

 Please provide as much notice as possible should a lesson not be attended to ensure the best alternative date is sought.

All holidays must be confirmed in advance. Any dates that are not given suitable notice will be forfeited and not be refunded or rescheduled.  
Invoicing & holidays 
 Each calendar month will be invoiced in full regardless of any holiday students may have. Should students have dates that they know they will be away, these will need to be rescheduled as part of the catch-up credit process. 


It is required that students have an instrument to practice on between lessons. Do not hesitate to contact me should you need any advice on purchasing an instrument.


Acoustic pianos must be well maintained and tuned regularly (every 6 months).


Digital pianos must ideally be full sized (88 keys), fully weighted, with a sustaining pedal.

Keyboards are not acceptable for long term practice & should be replaced with more suitable instruments as soon as possible.

Discontinuing Lessons

One month’s notice in writing is required for discontinuing lessons. Lessons must be paid for, whether they are attended or not. Students should confirm this when they give their notice. 


Students may be dismissed at any time if they consecutively miss payments, fail to practice, show lack of interest, or behave disruptively.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion 
I do not discriminate against students with disabilities or special needs, and have a responsibility to ensure that all individuals have equal access to my services. I encourage participation in all aspects of learning.


I am responsible for recommending accessible teaching aids according to the needs of students and to ensure their safety and welfare. This includes providing resources, equipment and additional support if required.


This is in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (1995), the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act (2001), the Education Act (1996) and the Children Act (2004).

Acceptance of Studio Policy

I ask that prior to enrolment each & every student/parent reads through this studio policy & confirms in writing the acceptance of said policy prior to full time weekly tuition commencing.